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BIM207 - Computer Programming III

Instructor: Dr.Öğr. ÜyesiAhmet ARSLAN
Teaching Assistants:
Course Book: Intro to Java Programming, Comprehensive Version, 10th Edition, By Y. Daniel Liang, Published by Pearson.
Grading: Midterm I: 20%, Midterm II: 20%, Projects: 20%, Final: 40%
Other Resources:
Course Outline:
1. Week

2. Week

Java Command-line Switches: -classpath, -server, -jar, -Xmx, -Xms, etc.

3. Week

 Version Control Systems: Git, GitHub.

Learn the basics of Git in 15 minutes

4. Week

Build Tools: Maven, Gradle.

Maven Plugins: Available Plugins

What is categoric variables? a.k.a enum type 

5. Week

First Midterm

6. Week

Unit Testing :


Chapter 42 (Testing Using JUnit) of the text book

7. Week

Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC)


Chapter 32 (Chapter 32 Java Database Programming) of the text book

8. Week

Java Generics:

Preperation and recap for the second midterm.

9. Week

Graphical User Interface programming : JavaFX

10. Week

Recap for the second midterm: Generics, JUnit, and JDBC.

11. Week

Second Midterm 05.12.2016

12. Week

Answer Sheet of the second midterm.

Introduction to (JavaScript Object Notation) JSon

Processing JSon using Google Gson

Foundations of homework #3

13. Week

More discussions about programming assignments, challenges.

14. Week

For continual improvement: Overall course evaluation and gathering anonymous feedback from students.

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