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Information About MSDN Products

Our department has a subscription of Academic Alliance from Microsoft. Our students can use many of the Microsoft Products, including program development environments (e.g. Visual Studio), operating systems (e.g. Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista), servers (such as SQL Server), application programs (e.g. Visio) and other programs that academicians and students may need, at their personal computers.

Some MSDN products require products keys. Students can obtain these keys from the DreamSpark link in the menu on the left. Our students may request an account to use the DreamSpark website by filling The Account Order Form. The account will be created and login info will be posted to the registered e-mail of the student as soon as possible.

Students can use the MSDN products free of charge by obeying the license agreement terms.

Obtaining product key or downloading a product is explained in this guide.

Our students can download frequently used MSDN products by using the "Local Server" link in the menu on the left. The local server can be accessible only from the campus network. The local server cannot be accessed from the wireless network because of the structure and security issues of the network. You can use the computers in the labs to download the products.

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