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BIM312 - Database Management Systems

Instructor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Burcu YILMAZEL
Teaching Assistants:
Course Book: "Fundamentals of Database Systems" by Ramez Elmasri, and Shamkant B. Navathe, Sixth Edition
Grading: 1st Midterm %20, 2nd Midterm %20, Term Project %20, Final %40
Other Resources: - "Database Systems: The Complete Book" by Hector Garcia-Molina, Jeffrey D. Ullman, and Jennifer Widom, 2nd Edition.
- "Database Management Systems" by Raghu Ramakrishnan, and Johannes Gehrke
Course Outline:
1. Week

Introduction to Databases and DBMSs

2. Week

The Relational Model of Data & Database Design Process

3. Week

The Entity-Relationship (E/R) Model

Advanced E/R Concepts

4. Week

From E/R Diagrams to Relational Schema

5. Week

Schema Refinement - Functional Dependencies

6. Week

Midterm I

7. Week

Schema Refinement - Normalization & Normal Forms


8. Week

SQL Basics: Part1


9. Week

SQL Basics: Part2

10. Week

Relational Algebra & Query Optimization

11. Week

Midterm II

12. Week

More on SQL: View, Trigger, Index, Authorization & Security Design

Physical Schema: Storage & File Organization

13. Week

Transactions (TXNs)

14. Week

Term Project Presentation Week

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