Program Outcomes

  • (01) Adequate knowledge of subjects specific to the discipline of mathematics, science and Computer Engineering; the ability to use theoretical and applied knowledge in these fields to solve complex engineering problems.
  • (02) Ability to identify, formulate and solve complex problems in Computer Engineering; the ability to select and apply appropriate analysis and modeling methods for this purpose.
  • (03) Ability to design a complex system, process, device or product under realistic constraints and conditions to meet specific requirements; the ability to apply modern design methods for this purpose.
  • (04) Ability to choose and use modern techniques and tools required for the analysis and solution of complex problems encountered in Computer Engineering applications; ability to use information technologies effectively.
  • (05) Ability to design and conduct experiments, gather data, analyze and interpret results to investigate complex Computer Engineering problems or discipline-specific research topics.
  • (06) Ability to work efficiently in intra-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary teams; ability to work individually.
  • (07) Ability to communicate effectively in oral and written ways; knowledge of at least one foreign language; the ability to write and understand written reports effectively, to prepare design and production reports, to make effective presentations, to give and receive clear and understandable instructions.
  • (08) Awareness of the necessity of lifelong learning; the ability to access information, to follow developments in science and technology, and to constantly renew oneself.
  • (09) Knowledge about acting in accordance with ethical principles, professional and ethical responsibility and standards used in Computer Engineering applications.
  • (10) Awareness about business life practices such as project management, risk management and change management; awareness of entrepreneurship, innovation; knowledge about sustainable development.
  • (11) Knowledge on global and societal impacts of Computer Engineering applications on health, environment and safety and the problems of the age reflected in the engineering field; awareness of the legal consequences of engineering solutions.
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