Research Projects


NoSubjectTypeProject NoStartDateDurationBudgetDirector
1. Detection and Classification of Railway Defects with Deep Learning MethodsBAP21GAP081202118 months67258Doç. Dr. Mehmet Koç
2. Development of "Rogue-lite" Game GenreBAP21LTP04120216 months4.000 TLDoç. Dr. Ahmet Arslan
3. Deep Learning Approaches to Problems in Complex ProcessesBAP21DRP053202124 months25.000 TLDoç. Dr. Ahmet Arslan
4. The Effect of Top-n Recommender System and Shilling Attacks on Multi-Criteria Vote ValuesBAP20DRP0342020 7.000Prof. Dr. Cihan Kaleli
5. New Approaches for Addressing the Cold Start Problem in Automatic Playlist ContinuationBAP20ADP172202012 months12.000Prof. Dr. Cihan Kaleli
6. Auto Classification of Pressure-Based Energy Harvester OutputsBAP20ADP171202012 months3.271 TLAraş. Gör. Dr. Zeynep Batmaz
7. Enhancing Accuracy of Multi-criteria Collaborative Filtering Systems utilizing Deep Learning TechniquesBAP19ADP032202012 months2.300 TLProf. Dr. Cihan Kaleli
8. Using Generalized Fuzzy Sets in Multiple Criteria Decision Making MethodsBAP20DRP0412020 7.000 TLDr. Öğr. Üyesi Sevcan YILMAZ GÜNDÜZ
9. Optimum Waveguide Design with Artificial Neural NetworksBAP 202012 months36.000 TLDr. Öğr. Üyesi Cahit Perkgöz
10. Construction and evaluation of SEO-based features for to use in learning to rank algorithmsBAP 202018 months9.100 TLDr. Öğr. Üyesi Ahmet Arslan
11. Analysis of non-Latin content on the English Information Retrieval datasetsAU-BAP1709F516201710 months9.715 TLYard.Doç.Dr. Ahmet ARSLAN
12. Building Methods for Alleviating Privacy Issues and Improving Robustness of Multi-Criteria Recommender SystemsTUBITAK-3001215E335201624 months62.600 TLAsst. Prof. Dr. Alper Bilge
13. Impact of Normalization Methods on Accuracy in Multi-Criteria Collaborative Filtering SystemsAU-BAP1605F325201612 months12.500 TLAsst. Prof. Dr. Alper Bilge
14. Developing Recommender Systems for Typical User RequirementsAU-BAP1605F394201612 months14.580 TLAsst.Prof.Dr. İbrahim YAKUT
15. A Quantitative Comparison of State of the Art Circle Detection AlgorithmsAU-BAP1602F08320169 months9.975 TLAsst. Prof. Dr. Sedat TELÇEKEN
16. Classification of Medical Documents According to DiseasesAU-BAP1503F13620159 months9.978 TLAsst.Prof.Dr. Alper Kürşat Uysal
17. Data Mining Applications for Airline CompaniesAU-BAP1502F062201516 months38.743 TLAsst.Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Yakut
18. Developing Classifier to Select Appropriate Recommendation Algorithm for User/Item Pairs with PrivacyTUBITAK-1001114E571201524 months116.000 TLAssoc. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin POLAT
19. Unsupervised Syntactic Disambiguation for TurkishAU-BAP1410F415201424 months8.879 TLAssoc.Prof.Dr. Serkan GÜNAL
20. A Mobile Trip Guide Application Development Using Artificial Intelligence Searching AlgorithmsAU-BAP1402F047201415 months9.985 TLAsst.Prof.Dr. Sedat TELÇEKEN
21. Dynamic ANFIS (DANFIS) for Modeling and Control of Nonlinear SystemsTÜBİTAK-1001113E579201424 months60.800 TLProf.Dr. Yusuf OYSAL
22. Deriving Private Data in Privacy-Preserving Collaborative Filtering SystemsTUBITAK-1001113E262201324 months84.500Assoc. Prof. Dr. Huseyin POLAT
23. Classification of Turkish words by using lip motion features.AU-BAP1302F03920139 months7.988 TLAsst.Prof.Dr. Muzaffer DOĞAN
24. Automatic Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition SystemAU-BAP1304F061201318 months23.634 TLAsst.Prof.Dr. Serkan GÜNAL
25. Developing Techniques for Robustness of Privacy-Preserving Collaborative Filtering SchemesTÜBİTAK-1001111E218201224 months69.160 TLAssoc.Prof.Dr. Hüseyin POLAT
26. Design and Implementation of A Real-time Video-Oculographic Gaze Detection and Tracking SystemTÜBİTAK-1001111E053201124 months111.370 TLAsst.Prof.Dr. Cüneyt AKINLAR
27. Identification of Spam SMS Messages on SmartphonesAU-BAP1103F054201118 months8.783 TLAsst.Prof.Dr. Serkan GÜNAL
28. Providing Privacy Preserving RecommendationsTÜBİTAK-3501108E221200936 months63.200 TLAsst.Prof.Dr. Hüseyin POLAT
29. Providing Privacy Preserving Predictions based on Hidden Markov ModelsTÜBİTAK-1002107E209200712 months20.000 TLAsst.Prof.Dr. Hüseyin POLAT
30. Design and Implementation of a Home Gateway for Seamless P2P UDP Communication using IPv4+4 AddressesTÜBİTAK-1002107E166200712 months20.000 TLAsst.Prof.Dr. Cüneyt AKINLAR
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